Privacy Policy
The information provided by the Consumer Council (hereafter termed 'the Council') on this website is for reference only. The Council will not be legally liable in any action as a result of any error or omission.
When you are browsing this website, the computer system of the Council will automatically have your data recorded, including the following: internet zone, IP address, and region; time and date of browsing (beginning and ending); web-pages browsed; hyperlinks and zones.
Generally, the Council will only use the information for statistical purposes. Only when acts constitute legal offences (such as attacking this website) will the Council take action and provide the data in question to law enforcement authorities. Such data will then be used in an investigation to track down the offender(s).
Kindly note that all personal data collected will be used only in respect of the case concerned, and such information may be forwarded to relevant parties who are involved in the investigation of the case, including the business against whom the complaint is being made, government departments, other related organizations, as well as agencies that are authorized to receive information relating to law enforcement, prosecution and review of decisions.
Please note that, when sending any information through the internet, you run a risk of having the information, including personal data, seen or used by unauthorized third parties. The use of this website is at the user's own risk and the Council does not guarantee that access to this website is completely safe and protected from viruses. The Council is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered (including damage to the user's system or loss of data) as a result of use of this website.
You have the right to have access to, and correction of, your personal data submitted to the Council. Should you wish to have such access or to have personal data corrected, then please write directly to the Executive Committee of the Consumer Council.